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Review of 2023 | NPS Photography

2 - NPS Photography

Pretty sure I say this every single year, “How is it (insert year)!?”

But, seriously, how is it 2024?

2023 was a year of growth for NPS Photography.

I dipped my toes in mentoring and education, completed my Calm & Chaos Motherhood Project and took every opportunity to learn and grow!

Favorite Moments

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I was BEYOND honored to teach and lead a session at Sabrina Gebhardt’s Root to Rise in Washington, DC. It was an experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to share my process with other photographers.

I also photographed four fellow photographers and their families! It’s a true honor when a colleague chooses me to capture their family. I mean I may never get over Morgan Williams hiring me!

Mentoring became something I offer and I’ve realized I love it! Five photographers hired me to help them with their business. I so enjoyed tailoring their mentoring to their needs – something they said they loved too!

Sessions by the Numbers

2023 Year in Review - NPS Photography

The numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they certainly show where my passion lies.

I’m also beyond thrilled that I’m not killing myself with sessions and making just as much money as I did before. I’ve really built a sustainable business that I love! And for me that means limiting my sessions and only shooting in clients’ homes + the little studio space in Georgetown every once and awhile.


5 - NPS Photography

In 2023, I became an educator, but I also made sure to continue learning.

Education is so important to me and my business. There is always something you can learn and connecting with other photographers is also a BIG part of why I love education. Community is everything.


6 - NPS Photography

I was interviewed on TWO podcasts! What is this dream life?

Colie James’ Business-First Creatives and Sabrina Gebhardt’s Shoot it Straight podcasts. Both were great conversations (mainly because I love these two humans). Go take a listen!

Published Work

7 - NPS Photography

Brooke Schultz started Heartful Magazine for family photographers last year and I submitted some of my work to be considered. And guess what? One of my images was chosen for the Fall 2023 issue.

I so admire Brooke’s work and having her choose one of my images was truly an honor.

Playing with Film

8 - NPS Photography

I challenged myself to only take a film camera on vacation. Yes, you read that right.

My reasoning is that I want to enjoy vacation and not see the images as I take as an addition to my editing cue. I have had so much fun playing around with my Nikon F100!

What’s on deck for 2024?

Oh my goodness! I’m SO excited for 2024!

Keep an eye out for some new offerings…travel sessions and in-person mentoring opportunities.

My Blur of Motherhood personal project!

Quarterly Personality Sessions.

And a few more education experiences.

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