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Six Favorite Photography Prompts for Happy Kids 007 - NPS Photography

Photographers this is for you! Six favorite photography prompts for happy kids!

Introducing…Six Favorite Photography Prompts for Happy Kids

newborn baby in a crib with a white crib sheet photographed by NPS Photography

Worried your home isn’t right for photos? Here are my tips to style a clutter-free in-home photography session!

How to Style a Clutter-Free In-Home Photography Session

NPS Photography Family Photography Educator - NPS Photography

Teaching at Root to Rise was amazing and so impactful on my photography mentoring!

Root to Rise: Washington, DC Edition

Tanner 12 - NPS Photography

There’s prep before your sessions and the number one way I prepare is to sketch out “poses” for your session. Learn more about the NPS Photography process!

Sketch to Image: NPS Photography Process

Book the newborn session 02 - NPS Photography

You might be debating if an in home newborn session is really for you. Read what clients have to say and don’t skip the newborn session!

Don’t Panic…But Don’t Skip the Newborn Session!

Six Essential Photos for Every Newborn Session DC Photographer 017 - NPS Photography

After 10 years of photographing newborns, there are still six essential photos I get at every newborn session.

Six Essential Photos for Every Newborn Session

Frequently asked questions about newborn sessions NPS Photography 008 - NPS Photography

I’ve literally been asked everything! But here are my most frequently asked questions about newborn sessions!

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Sessions…Answered!

Choose the right photographer Washington DC 002 1 - NPS Photography

Looking for a family photographer? Here’s the list you need to choose the right photographer!

How to Choose the Right Photographer for Your Family Session: An Essential Checklist

DC Newborn Photography 015 - NPS Photography

Want to know the “secret sauce” for DC Newborn Photography? One word…preparation.

Preparation is the Secret Sauce | DC Newborn Photography

DC In Home Family Photos 0010 - NPS Photography

Let me guess – your spouse isn’t a fan of photos sessions? Well, here’s how to get them on board for DC in home family photos today!

How to Get Your Partner on Board for DC In home Family Photos

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meet natasha

I'm DC photographer, Natasha Sewell. I'm all about capturing those unscripted, full-of-personality moments in the comfort of your home.

As a mom of three and a former elementary school teacher turned in-home newborn and family photographer, I know how to get your littles to cooperate and have FUN!

Let’s get to preserving your family's real-life moments in the place you’re most comfortable – your home.

DC In-Home Photography sessions

Real life is  picture perfect

You won’t get a one-size-fits-all session experience with me. Clients come back to NPS Photography because they love my personalized approach to serving you and your family.

I’m passionate about building a relationship with you and guiding you through your photography experience by caring for every detail.

Let me capture your family and what makes your family yours!