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Not sure where to go with your questions? Unsure how to make a big switch in your photography business?

That's where I come in! Let me help you hash out things out and come up with a plan to make your photography business the business of your dreams.



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Natasha started her business in 2013 as a posed newborn and family photographer.  She had a in-home studio for three years before she opened her 800 square foot studio space in Pinehurst, NC.

In late 2019 with a pending move, she transitioned her business to in-home lifestyle photography - a HUGE change. Then, the world shut-down. But, Natasha continued to expand her business to Washington, DC and made the full move in 2023.

From posed studio sessions in rural North Carolina to in-home lifestyle sessions in Washington, DC, Natasha has grown her business!

Now, she's sharing her knowledge to help you create a thriving business you love.


why choose Natasha? 

Do you want to expand your business, but don't know where to start?

Are you tired of the genre you photograph, but still love photography?

Are you getting ready to move your business to a new location?

Do you want to pick an experienced photographer's brain?

This is a one-on-one mentorship. This session is all about you and getting you to the next level in your photography or business game. This session is appropriate for photographers of any level. You get to pick the topic of this session...remember, this is all about you!  

If so mentoring with natasha might just be for you

Does any of this sound a LITTLE fimiliar? 

Portfolio and website review.

Ask questions on Voxer.

One on one Zoom calls.

So many ways to learn and grow your business!

i'm ready!



I'm ready!

• Portfolio and website review

• Portfolio and website review

• additional 30 min call at the end of the mentorship

• Extensive questionnaire that will help guide what's discussed in the mentoring call

• Extensive questionnaire that will help guide what's discussed in the mentoring call(s)

• two weeks of Voxer follow-up

What is Voxer? Voxer is a Walkie Talkie messaging app for your smartphone with live voice (like a walkie talkie), text and photo. It's a way for you to ask questions and hash out ideas. Kind-of like on ongoing conversation.

• one month of Voxer follow-up

• One hour mentoring via Zoom or in-person 

•Two  1 hour mentoring via Zoom or in-person



mentoring options

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In 2013, my three children were in school full-time, and I reached for my camera and never looked back. Today, as a lifestyle family and newborn photographer serving the Washington, D.C. area, I capture my clients' lives in its beautiful and unscripted style, all in the most tender of places: home.

What makes me a great teacher/mentor for you? I'm a teacher!  My degree is in elementary education.

I also have a thirst for learning and am always looking for opportunities to up my photography and business game!

You will get a customized mentoring session that will help you take your business to the next level.

Hi! I'm Natasha - owner of nps photography 

Meet natasha 

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"Topping marzipan jelly chocolate cake powder bonbon croissant cake." 


"Topping marzipan jelly chocolate cake powder bonbon croissant cake." 


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Click the link, choose your mentoring package, fill out your proposal, sign the contract and pay the fee.

Then, you'll be sent a calendar link to schedule your Zoom! Fill out your questionnaire and let's start growing your business!