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Root to Rise: Washington, DC Edition

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Education for the Win

Education is very important to me.

I invest in education every year and Sabrina Gebhardt has been a big part of my education since 2019.

I first did 1:1 mentoring with Sabrina and then that turned into masterminds, online courses and finally Root to Rise 2022 – her mastermind and retreat.

So, when she asked me (yes, me!) to teach and lead a session at the Fall 2023 Root to Rise in Washington, DC, I immediately said YES!

What an honor.

And the best part, I was able to participate in the mastermind, too.

Root to Rise Fall 2023

Root to Rise is such a well throughout program. Not only do you grow your photography business, but I have had so much personal growth in the program.

Personal growth + business growth = a program that’s worth every penny!

Having the retreat in my city was such a thrill!

The week of the retreat I got to teach in the mastermind. I taught about how I prep for a session. I loved it! In case you didn’t know, my college degree is in elementary education, so combining teaching with photography…well, that’s a dream!

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Leading a Session

I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous about leading a session with a family of 7! I don’t shoot families that big often and it was a bit daunting. However, the Tanner family was an absolute dream!

I treated it like any session and did a phone consult with Abigail (the mom) before the session. We talked about what to wear and their home and she shared a few things about her kids with me.

It was a fabulous session and from the feedback I got from the other photographers, they all gained a lot from the session.

For me, it was like an out of body experience. Basically because I was soooo nervous! But, I have beautiful images, so obviously it went smoothly!

It’s funny, I’ve gone on so many retreats and shot along other photographers multiple times, but for some reason my nerves were out of control that day!

Let’s face it, you never know what you’re walking into with a session and I didn’t want to let the other photographers or Sabrina, my friend and mentor, down. And I didn’t!

What I Learned!

Pushing myself is good.

I love teaching.

I’d eventually like to offer mentoring clients the option of shooting a session with me.

Sabrina and Root to Rise are truly amazing! Sabrina puts so much into the program and what the students gain is phenomenal.

And that’s exactly why I’m doing Root to Rise 2024!

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