Candid Moments Captured at Home

Candid Family Moments 001

baby girl standing in crib

Timeless Candid Moments

I photographed this sweet girl when she was less than two weeks old {see that session HERE} and boy has she changed. Not only has she physically grown, but she has some personality to show off.

Candid Family Moments 002 1 scaled

in home family lifestyle session

I was beyond thrilled to capture moments of her again in their NEW home. And this stage was the perfect stage to do it.

What is the PERFECT Stage

There is no perfect stage. Every age and stage is filled with new exciting things that they are doing (first smiles, rolling over, first tooth, etc), but I adore the age when they are sitting, but not yet crawling. There is SO much more to capture when they are “upright”.

But, you know your little one best.  They may hit a stage that you adore and that’s truly the perfect time to book a session.

Candid Family Moments 003

mom, dad and baby candid

Candid Family Moments 005 scaled

family in home lifestyle session

What to Expect

Let me walk you through a session. The first thing I do when I arrive at your home is take off my shoes…everyone tells me, “No, you don’t need to do that!” But, yes, yes I do. I’ve been known to stand on furniture to get the perfect shot and I’m not going to get up on your furniture with my shoes on!

After greeting everyone, I’m going to want to walk around your house to check out the light. I will ask you to turn off all the lights in your house and open all the blinds before I arrive, so I can really see where the best light might be. Because even though you think you know where the best light is in your home, I might find a spot you never thought of.

And , then, we start!

My Lifestyle Sessions are relaxed.  I try to be a fly on the wall and capture all the candid moments. I do give some direction…turn your bodies this way, move your hair out of your face, pick her up, etc. But there is no traditional posing that takes place.

Candid Family Moments 006

mom and dad with baby girl

Candid Family Moments 004 2 scaled

candid capture of family of three

My promise to you – to capture candid moments that tell the story of your family. There will be some chaos, but it will be the real life moments you experience every single day.

CONTACT ME to schedule your session today.