What to Wear – Washington DC Lifestyle Sessions

I Don’t Know What to Wear – Lifestyle Session

This is the statement I hear the MOST when someone books an in-home Lifestyle Session – newborn or family. And I’m here to tell you to relax, I’m here to help! What you and your family wears does not need to be complicated and you can go shopping in your own closet.

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family of four lifestyle session


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mom, dad and newborn

In-home sessions are a bit different than outdoor sessions.  I recommend sticking with neutral colors, especially for your tops. Beige, cream, white or pastels work best. Stay away from bold, bright tones like red and orange.  Bright colors will cast colors onto your skin and are not ideal, especially when there is a newborn or baby who is part of the session. If you want to add a bit of bold color, do it with earrings or accesories.You will always see me in a white top at in-home sessions!  Why? Because my top works as the ultimate reflector! Reflecting light on you.

Dress for Your Home

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jumping on the bed lifestyle session

Ok, you don’t need to match your home, but you will want to compliment your home. If your home has a lot of blues, choose colors that compliment it. If your home is neutral, you can pretty much wear anything – neutrals, pastels…pretty much anything!

Can You Move

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family of six on a bed

You might have a top or dress you love, but does it pass the movement test? Can you sit comfortably in it without it rising up or pulling? You will be sitting in some of the pictures, so you need to be able to move and move comfortably.

Textures and Patterns

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family of four lifestyle session

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mom, dad and newborn

Textures add SO much to an image! Cozy knits or flowing fabrics are perfect! I recommend keeping patterns to a minimum. Maybe dad in a plaid shirt and everyone else in colors that compliment it. Or big sis in a soft floral dress. When in doubt, keep it simple. I also recommend choosing fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily. I adore linen, but be prepared for wrinkles!Still not sure what to wear? Take a look at my Pinterest Board!