These are THE Days | Chevy Chase Photography

July 9, 2020

Natasha Sewell

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“I absolutely love that NOTHING in this photo shoot was “staged”. Natasha never asked the kids to sit still and smile, in fact she encouraged us all to play and move like we would on any normal day. Little does she know that these aren’t just ‘normal’ days. These are THE days. The ones we never want to forget!” -Shanna K.

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I swear I didn’t tell her what to write! These were the sweet words Shanna used to describe their Chevy Chase Family Session with me on Instagram.

I wish I could explain the feeling I get when a client actually “gets it”. They understand what I’m trying to capture and why.

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Because these are THE days. The days that seem so long, but fly by. The days where you are dragging and tired, but filled with joy. That’s what I want to capture.

This session had it all. Storytime in their little book nook. Jumping on beds. Trains and tea in their playroom. Eating some HUGE chocolate chip cookies. A dance party to “Frozen”. And family snuggles on their couch.

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And I was totally here for it! The only ‘direction’ I gave was where to play or interact based on the light in their home. I’m the one who moved around them to get different angles and prospectives.

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I got tiny hands playing with trains and stretching to reach books. Pictures of dresses twirling and wild hair. It’s the details that tell the story and capture this time in your life with littles.

So, are you ready to work with a Chevy Chase Photographer who wants to capture a ‘normal’ day? Because these are THE days you’ll want to remember – thank you 10,000 Maniacs;)