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What Age is Best to Have Professional Pictures? | Washington DC Baby Photographer

When should we schedule pictures again?

Sweet baby girl in her Restoration Hardware crib.

If I had a dollar for every time a client asks me this question… No, really, I get asked this A LOT! Usually at the end of a newborn session. And as a DC Baby Photographer I consider myself and expert at answering this.

Babies change so much in the first year and sometimes the urge is to capture every change and tiny milestone. But, here’s what I recommend.

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Somewhere between 6-8 months babies start sitting. It’s an amazing thing and a whole new perspective for them. It’s also the perfect time for photos.

We can get such a wide variety of photos with a sitter. Think about it – they don’t have to be flat or held in every picture! It’s one of my favorite stages because they are still stationary, but full of personality. You can talk to them and get a smile or a deep belly laugh. What could be better than that!

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This DC Baby Photography recommends pictures when your baby is sitting unassisted.

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One Year

A HUGE milestone is when your baby turns one! This isn’t just a big milestone in their life, it’s a big milestone in YOUR life, too! You made it through the first year! You survived the lack of sleep, the first cold, their first bump or bruise and you lived to tell about it.

I can tell you, this DC Baby Photographer LOVES to document one year olds! Sometimes they’re walking or just starting to take their first steps. They can usually clap or do “so big”. They have teeth! Little itty-bitty teeth that sneak out when they smile.

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Baby taking her first steps.

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slippery baby kisses for mom.

When do we do pictures after the first year?

A great question. Yearly. I recommend having your family photographed every year. And I wish I’d done a better job practicing what I preach with my family!

That session may be another newborn session or maybe you will schedule a session around your child’s birthday every year. A lot of my clients like to get family pictures to use on holiday cards or give as holiday gifts, so they choose fall to capture their family.

It’s really totally up to you!

Are you ready to schedule pictures? I’d love to connect and share some information with you!

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