Some Simple What to Wear Tips for Your DC Photos

Does booking a photo session make you panic because you NEVER know what to wear? You can rest easy! Let me give you some simple what to wear tips to make your family look picture perfect!

Here are a few key things when choosing what to wear:1. Go shopping in your own closet first. Start with mom, because, let’s face it, mom cares the MOST about what she’s wearing (I know I do!)2. Comfort. You want to be able to move and to sit comfortably!3. Shoes matter, especially in the fall when temps can be a bit cooler. You will see your shoes in some of the portraits.4. Layers! Sweaters, scarves, vests…you get the idea.5. Compliment one another, but please, whatever you do DO NOT show up all in the same thing! (Like the 90s with everyone in jeans and white or black turtlenecks


) You don’t have to match!

When you book a session with me you also get a What to Wear Guide with your confirmation.  The What to Wear Guide is filled with much more details and many more tips!

Currently booking Fall Family Sessions in September and October and Milestone Session throughout the year.


What to Wear Tips 002

Family of five outdoor photo session

What to Wear Tips 007

Family of three lifestyle outdoor session

What to Wear Tips 008

Family of six family portrait

What to Wear Tips 001

Family of four lifestyle studio portrait

What to Wear Tips 006

Five siblings in the spring

What to Wear Tips 005

family of three lifestyle session

What to Wear Tips 003

Family of seven outdoor photo session in the fall