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Sketch to Image: NPS Photography Process

mom snuggling with three girls photographed by NPS Photography

For about 20 months, I’ve been doing a little something different to prep for my in-home newborn and family sessions. It’s all about the NPS Photography process!

Why change what’s working?

Because, I’m type A and I like to plan and even more than that I always want to get better and tap into my creativity. This pre-photography session process let’s me do all three!

Disclaimer: I did not come up with this. I have seen other photographers so it in the past and then, I learned more about it in retreats/masterminds with Brooke Schultz and Morgan Williams.

So, what is this “newer” thing for me?

Sketching our 6-8 “poses” before a photography session.

I’m a terrible artist, so my sketches consist of stick figures and little notes, but I understand what they mean – which is really all that matters!

Now, some might say lifestyle in-home photography doesn’t involve posing, but it does! I can’t expect my clients to know where to stand, what to do with their hand…that’s why they hired ME – Natasha Sewell!

I look at it as a puzzle. Fitting people together in an interesting way.

Sketch to Image

Sometimes, we incorporate activities or something fun into a family photography session. And occasionally it’s eating something!

With four boys – including twin two year olds, containing was important! So, mom and I brainstormed and came up with eating watermelon in the kitchen. It was perfect! And the boys had so much fun eating watermelon – perfect end of session activity!

Getting sibling photos at a newborn session is always on the list! This can be tricky with toddlers, but usually we can get them next to each other on a bed. Big sis was so sweet with her baby sister and I love getting details like her holding her newborn sister’s hand.

Family of six – no problem! Levels and touching and interactions and BOOM! Done!

A family of seven with five kids ages 5-13 could have been overwhelming. Ok, maybe it was a tad overwhelming, but sketching out ideas helped SO much! Also, giving everyone someone to interact with makes it easier for them to interact naturally.

Making mama look and feel her best is always my TOP priority! And getting smaller group interactions with mom is important to me. So, mom with two of her four boys was dreamy.

Shooting through a door or window is one of my favorite things. This family had glass interior doors and it was the perfect opportunity to photograph mom with her three girls.

Photos with mom and dad is always a must and this is my go to set-up if there’s a good spot for it!

A love giving a little sneak into my process!

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I'm DC photographer, Natasha Sewell. I'm all about capturing those unscripted, full-of-personality moments in the comfort of your home.

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