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7 Details to Pay Attention to at Your Photo Session

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Photography is an investment. An investment in time AND money.

And when you’re investing in something, it’s important to pay attention to the details.

After almost 11 years as a family and newborn photographer, I want my clients’ sessions to be fun and run smoothly and I want you to trust me to make that happen! And I want my clients to pay attention to these seven details before their session to ensure images you’ll LOVE!

Don’t Forget: 7 Details to Pay Attention to at Your Photo Session!

  1. Apple watches off! Digital watches do not add anything to your photos, so remember to take them off.
  2. Phones out of pockets! Your phone is big and the outline it leaves in your pocket is not picture perfect. In fact, just empty out your pockets.
  3. Small bows for baby girls. I love a bow, but babies are little and it’s hard to see their sweet faces if they’re wearing a bow that’s too big. So, keep it dainty and small!
  4. Cover-up those diapers/underwear! Little girls in dresses are precious, but seeing their diapers and underwear isn’t. So, please remember those diaper covers or bike shorts under dresses!
  5. Ditch the shoes and socks! I know you’ve heard me say this before. I’m a BIG fan of bare feet for in-home sessions. Seeing the bottom of your feet isn’t a big deal, but seeing the soles of shoes isn’t pretty. I promise not to focus on your feet (unless your a little with cute feet!).
  6. Well kept nails. Well kept doesn’t mean you need a manicure and pedicure (of course you could use your session as a reason to treat yourself!). But please make sure to remove chipped nail polish before your session.
  7. Pull back hair that’s unruly or in someone’s eyes. I know kids’ hair can be hard to tame! But it truly make an enormous difference if you can utilize a headband, hair tie or barrette to keep hair out of eyes.

These small details make a HUGE difference in your photos. Instead of your eye going to these things, your eye will be on you, your family and the unscripted joy in your home!

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