PSA for All Washington DC Mamas

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PSA for all mamas!

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Listen Washington DC Moms

An important PSA for all my mama friends:

Listen up! 


Trust me, I get it. 

I’ve had all the same excuses…

“I want to wait until I lose the baby weight.”

“Once I can get a hair appointment.”

“I don’t fit into anything in my closet.”

“No one wants to see me in pictures!”

But guess what, mama?

You’re wrong! 

Your kids want you in the pictures! You are perfect in their eyes.

They won’t care about your excuses in 25 or 50 years, when they’re going through old photos, remembering their childhood. 

They’ll just want to see some pictures that you’re in with them!

Please don’t deny them of that just because you don’t feel like you’re “ready”. 

Don’t you treasure every image you have of you and your mom? I know I do!

The important moments are right now. Today. Not someday.

Don’t miss out!

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Get in the pictures moms!

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PSA for mamas

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Mama get in the pictures!

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I make a point of getting pictures of moms with their kids during my sessions. And they are usually some of my favorites – probably because I’m a mom!

And a word of advice, if you want to look the way you feel in your pictures, take the time to pamper yourself a bit. Get your hair and make-up done. Find an outfit you adore and are comfortable in.

But most of all, remember to smile and treasure the moments with your kids! Because before you know it they’ll be grown…trust me!

Are you ready for pictures with your kids?

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