Prepare for Your Lifestyle Newborn Session

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Lifestyle Newborn Session

So you’ve booked a Lifestyle Newborn Session to capture your new little one. Now what?  How do you prepare?

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Spaces in the house

A lot of this depends on the light in your home. I have done a whole session in a nursery. Because that’s where the best light was in the house! Typically, I use the master bedroom, nursery and a living space, but any space will work! I will assess the light when I get to your home and we’ll take it from there.

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Prepping the house

Open the blinds!  Turn off all the lights – it’s a natural light session. You don’t need to have a spotless house, but please put away any magazines or glasses/dishes. Also, turn up the heat! Not a lot, just a few degrees.

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Something comfortable.  I recommend light colored tops. You can take a look at my Pinterest Board for some inspiration.

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Baby Prep

Feed them!  Fully.  Right before I arrive. Dress them in something simple…a onesie or a little gown.  I prefer something that doesn’t need to go over their head. I will bring a few white wraps and it’s easier to wrap them if their clothes don’t need to go over their head.

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I recommend contacting me BEFORE the baby arrives. I’ll put your due date on my calendar. All I ask is that you contact me when your baby arrives. I usually do the newborn session sometime during the first month. Some clients like to do the session right away and some prefer to wait a few weeks to get in a good groove with their new addition. Either way works for me!

Questions about a Lifestyle Newborn Session? Let me send you some information!