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What is Lifestyle Photography?

What is Lifestyle Photography 001 - NPS Photography

family laughing and playing in a lifestyle session

lifestyle photography: a kind of photography that mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday.

What I LOVE about Lifestyle Photography…

  1. Authenticity. When you photograph people in their home, where they are most comfortable you get authentic, real moments.

  2. Storytelling. Lifestyle photography tells a story. The story of you.

  3. Unpredictability. Every session is different because every family is different. I love the unpredictability of each session.

  4. Creativity. I get to be creative with each session.  Every house had different light and rooms and I get to explore what works best.

  5. Personality. Every family has their own personality and I love getting them to interact and do activities they love to capture it.

What is Lifestyle Photography 002 - NPS Photography

big sis reading a book in a nursery

What is Lifestyle Photography 003 1 scaled - NPS Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography 004 scaled - NPS Photography

baby boy with Radio Flyer tricycle

What is Lifestyle Photography 005 1 scaled - NPS Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography 006 - NPS Photography

mom reading little boy a book

I’ll be honest, in between the moments filled with personality and love are some toddler tantrums and babies spitting up, but that’s life, right? Messy one minute and beautiful the next.This session had it all! A reluctant toddler, a baby who wanted nothing to do with his crib, a little girl who wanted to be Cinderella, stunning light and some family fun. And we covered all that in a little over an hour!

What is Lifestyle Photography 007 - NPS Photography

siblings trying to crawl away

What is Lifestyle Photography 008 - NPS Photography

lifestyle photography – mom and dad kissing

Lifestyle Sessions are unpredictable perfection.Are you interested in a lifestyle session? Let’s connect! Fill out the form below. 

dc photographer

meet natasha

I'm DC photographer, Natasha Sewell. I'm all about capturing those unscripted, full-of-personality moments in the comfort of your home.

As a mom of three and a former elementary school teacher turned in-home newborn and family photographer, I know how to get your littles to cooperate and have FUN!

Let’s get to preserving your family's real-life moments in the place you’re most comfortable – your home.

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