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Pinehurst Family Photographer | A Morning Walk

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Unpredictable Weather & Walk

As a Pinehurst Family Photographer, I know early morning fall sessions can be tricky weather wise.

Sometimes it’s warm and foggy and sometimes it’s crisp and very cool.

We had crisp and cold – there was no cool about it, but we did have sun and that’s a major win!

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Charming Pinehurst

The Village of Pinehurst is such a magical place. So many nooks and crannies that make for perfect spots for pictures. But sometimes when you throw a toddler in the mix – walking is best!

We started on the Village Green with the sun coming up behind the long leaf pines. Magical and breathtaking for sure. But I know with boys you have to keep them moving! Letting big brother run around mom and dad was a great way to get the wiggles out AND keep warm!

We headed to Chinquapin and a little bench, an alley and some stairs. Pinehurst is so picturesque. Brick pathways, classic white buildings and lots of green! I honestly couldn’t tell you my favorite spot – because there are too many good ones!

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Pinehurst Family Photographer

Pinehurst Family Photography Session

Keep Moving

Mr. Wiggle wanted to keep moving, so that’s what we did and we let him lead the way! Down sandy paths, by all the beautiful cottages, past the Roast Office and down by the Village Green parking lot. It’s not like other parking lots – no concrete or asphalt – just rocks and lots of trees!

We ended our session and walk on a bench where we began and where this little guy could snuggle with his mom. Because what’s better than a mom snuggle on a cold morning? Nothing!

As a Pinehurst Family Photographer, I know little ones can’t stay still and that’s why my sessions are relaxed and fun for everyone!

Are you ready to have me document your morning walk?

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