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Month of the Military Child – Fort Bragg

PURPLE UP – It’s Month of the Military Child – Fort Bragg Edition!

After being a military spouse for 22 + years, moving four times and raising three “military brats”, I felt a desire to give back to the military community. My family has been stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina for 10 years. It is an amazing community filled with military friendly businesses and schools. When I started my business back in 2012 most of my clients were military families. Over the years I have met many more military families and a lot them now feel like family!  That’s the military for you. Making family out of friends.

April is the Month of the Military Child and I decided to do a personal project to raise awareness about military kids and families and give back to the Fort Bragg community I love. I have a VIP Group for Clients on Facebook.  I reached out to my military clients in the VIP group and asked for their help. I needed 30 military kids.  The sessions were short and sweet and my goal was to get a black and white head shot and ask the children age appropriate questions about being a military child.  Of course, some of the kids were a little too young to answer questions, so I had mom or dad give a bit of information.

I now have 30 black and white portraits to spotlight during the Month of the Military Child on Instagram. I will post a different child each day. As a thank you to the sweet families who participated (some drove an hour plus to the studio) they received the portraits to cherish and share.


Those are the words that describe these amazing bunch of kids!

A few facts about Military Kids:

  • the average military child moves 6-9 times during their school career – that means 6-9 different schools
  • there are more than 1 million military children across the department of defense
  • over 2 million children have had a parent who has served in Afghanistan or Iraq – many have served multiple times
  • military children are twice as likely as their civilian counterparts to join the military as adults


Please wear purple on April 24th to show your support for military children!

Why purple?

It represents all branches of the military – a combination of their colors.

Army Green

Navy Blue

Marine Red

Coast Guard Blue

Air Force Blue

A HUGE thank you to all the military children out there who give so much to our country.

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