Black & White Perfection – Raeford Newborn Photographer

When I first started photographing newborns in 2013, I converted all the images I took to black and white, too. As a more experienced Raeford newborn photographer I have learned that some images lend themselves to black and white and some do not.

Baby L’s session was dreamy.  He was so sleepy and super sweet. He had perfect rolls and those cheeks…don’t you want to squeeze or kiss them? Baby L had more black and white images in his proof album than most of my clients.  His images just screamed for me to convert them! I always show all parent and sibling images in black and white and color. There is something about the parent connection that is breath taking in black and white.  However, I really love Baby L’s color parent images.  Maybe it was their gorgeous dark hair and black solid tops. Baby L just popped against the black.

I occasionally have a client say that they don’t really care for black and white photos and I completely understand and make sure to show all their images in color only.  I understand it’s a personal preference. Growing-up my childhood home was filled with black and white photos and I think that is one reason why I love them so. To me they are classic and the focus is on the emotion, not the colors.  I love the shadows and the depth in a black and white image. However, I am taking these images for my clients and I want them to be the images they envision.

NPS-Photography-Raeford Newborn Photographer-Baby-L-001NPS-Photography-Raeford Newborn Photographer-Baby-L-002NPS-Photography-Raeford Newborn Photographer-Baby-L-003NPS-Photography-Raeford Newborn Photographer-Baby-L-005NPS-Photography-Raeford Newborn Photographer-Baby-L-006NPS-Photography-Raeford Newborn Photographer-Baby-L-007

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