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What Should My Newborn Wear for our DC Newborn Session

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Help! What Should My Newborn Wear for our DC Newborn Session?

I hear this from pretty much every person who books a newborn session with me. What should your newborn wear?

I know in your thinking they need an “outfit”. And an outfit for you means a top and pants or a dress. Maybe grandma gave you something they thought would be perfect for pictures. And you feel like you have to put the baby in it.

Stop overthinking it and keep it simple! Think baby outfits…not something you would wear in miniature!

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what your newborn should wear fro the newborn session

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Keep It Simple

This may sound like a mantra (probably because it is!), but I tell everyone to “keep it simple”! Simple equals timeless and who doesn’t want timeless photos of their new baby?

I recommend a one piece outfit. A little romper, a knotted gowns or just a onesie!

Monica and Andy has simple cotton rompers that don’t cover their feet – because I’m going to want to pictures of those little feet!

Lou Lou and Company has the BEST knotted gowns in neutral colors and prints. They are the softest cotton and the fit is perfect!

I recommend kimono style onesies. Quincy Mae have darling onesies that I highly recommend.

Day gowns are timeless and sweet. I’m pretty sure I wore one home from the hospital. Feltman Brothers has classic day gowns in white, pale pink and pale blue. Some with dainty lace details.

Belli Bambini in downtown Southern Pines has fabulous newborn items and it’s local to Moore County! They do ship – so check out their website and shop small. Here are a few items I’m currently loving from Belli Bambini.

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And please have one or two swaddles on hand for your session. There are so many options for swaddles – muslin, cotton or even knit blankets work well.

This is a great opportunity to incorporate a family heirloom. A blanket grandma knit or something you had when you were a baby.

Mebie Baby has cotton stretch swaddles, as well as, muslin ones.

Aden + Anais has the best muslin baby blankets in my opinion – I even have an adult blanket from them. It’s dreamy!

what should my newborn wear

Newborn Session Made Easy

Bonnets & Bows

Many of the one piece outfits I linked above have matching hats or bonnets. Cotton knot hats or simple cotton bonnets work best. Please stay away from crocheted hats – they usually don’t fit properly!

And when it comes to bows…small is best! Large bows are distracting and take away from the baby. Think dainty and simple. Shop my favorite bows/headbands here or here!

Just remember – keep it simple when it comes to what your newborn should wear and you will have classic, timeless images of your new little one.

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