Three Perfect Little Things | Alexandria Family Photographer

June 21, 2020

Natasha Sewell

Alexandria Lifestyle Photographer 4

Three siblings jumping in a crib.

Three things. Three little things.

A two year old and two one year olds.

When I did posed family sessions these three things would have made me sweat! The thought of trying to get a two year old and two one year olds to sit still and smile – yikes!

Not anymore.

I have been photographing this family since there were only two of them – mom and dad. I have numerous session with them over the past 3 years watching them grow as a family and as parents.

Alexandria Lifestyle Photographer 2

Alexandria Lifestyle Photographer3

And it’s been a total joy! We usually end up going over a bit on the sessions because I love catching-up with them. They always ask about my boys (thank you sweet clients who care about my family) and I always want to hear little stories about their kids and what they’ve been up to.

Alexandria Lifestyle Photographer 5

Sweet candid moment between a dad and his son.

This session was no different. I stayed a good 20 minutes after the session ended. We were outside at that point and their kids just continued to run around and explore.

Lifestyle Photography has my heart. It has my heart because everyone can be themselves. Everyone can relax and just enjoy the moment.

The ONLY expectation for a Family Session with me is for you to have fun with your family.

Alexandria Lifestyle Photographer 6

As an Alexandria Family Photographer it’s my job to find the beauty in the chaos. Because chaos and real life moments are nothing short of beautiful!

Are you ready for me to capture the beautiful chaos your family has to offer?

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