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Newborn Photography MUST Haves | Pinehurst Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography MUST Haves

As a newborn photographer, I ALWAYS make sure I have these items on hand in the studio!

Water WipesChemical Free Water Wipes

Water wipes are a MUST! They are chemical free and super soft. Perfect for sensitive little bums and to wipe away eye crud. A client introduced me these and they are now a staple in my studio.

Baby Shusher

The name says it all!  It shushes babies to sleep. I used to just shush through my sessions.  I ended up with a dry mouth.  Not anymore! The Baby Shusher does it for me. Just don’t let the batteries die!

Avent Pacifier

I’ll be honest, these are the BEST. Newborns seem to love the Avent 0-3 Soothie better than any other pacifier out there. I highly recommend my clients bring a pacifier to their session. It helps immensely with transitioning from pose to pose. However, it is up to you! If you are not comfortable using a pacifier, I completely understand. I do have some on hand just in case you change your mind.

Newborn Pacifier

A few other items I consider Newborn Photography MUST Haves are pee pads and space heaters! The pee pads can be used when the baby is naked or on top of the changing table. I have two space heaters at the studio.  I like to keep the temperature around 80-85 degrees to keep the baby comfortable. I’m hot, mom and dad are hot, but the baby is super comfy! Don’t worry, I have some comfortable chairs and cold drinks in the other room if you need to leave the studio to cool off during the session.

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