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Lifestyle Family Session – Candid

Is a Family Lifestyle Session for me?

You do YOU!  That’s my motto when it comes to Family Lifestyle Session in your home.

What does that mean?

Whatever your family likes to do together is what you should do during your session.

  • dance parties

  • reading books together

  • baking or cooking

  • having a snack

  • playing a card or board game

  • jumping on the bed

  • playing on your swing set

Every family will have a different session because every family is different!

Family Lifestyle Session 008 scaled

brother reading to sister

Family Lifestyle Session 004 scaled

Boy Reading

Family Lifestyle Session 003

Family Playing Game

Family Lifestyle Session 005

Kids having a snack

The G Family spends A LOT of time on their back patio. So, we started there. That’s where their son told some jokes and they had a tickle fight. It gave them a chance to warm up to me in a place where they are most comfortable.

Family Lifestyle Session 001 1 scaled

Lifestyle Family Picture

They also played a board game and read some books. D is reading Harry Potter and it was the perfect chance to document his love of reading!

Miss P started to “have enough”, so mom broke out drinks and a little snack. And then we moved to their front porch for some more traditional family pictures.

Family Lifestyle Session 006 1 scaled

Family on Front Steps

Family Lifestyle Session 007

Family of Four on Front Porch

But, your session might not look like this! Maybe your kids are into building Legos or playing with blocks. Or maybe you all LOVE to make and eat pancakes together .  A Family Lifestyle Session is supposed to be ALL ABOUT YOU! It’s unique and special just like your family.

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