in-home Family and Newborn photo FAQs

where do you do the photography session?

Your home!  That's right, no wrangling kids into the car or making sure you bring all the snacks and changes of clothes. Plus – it's always the perfect temperature!

You have everything you need at home! And let's be honest, everyone is the most comfortable at home. And we can do a few pictures on your porch or backyard if the weather and light is right.

I do a limited number of outdoor sessions each year. Make sure you're on my NEWSLETTER LIST!

What if my house isn't professionally decorated?

Most of the houses I photograph in aren’t professionally decorated and it doesn’t make a bit of difference. I promise. The focus is YOU, not your home.

I even photographed families in homes with moving boxes everywhere!

what should we wear?

Wear what you're comfortable in! Don't reinvent your style for photos. Make sure to add in some textures to give interest and depth.

Once you book a session, you'll get my Session Prep Guide with what to wear tips! You can also take a look at my Pinterest Board for some inspiration.

what if my kids misbehave or don't cooperate?

I'll be honest, they might.  They are kids and kids have meltdowns and don't listen and sometimes misbehave, but it's NO BIG DEAL!

I'm a mom of three and a former elementary school teacher, so leave handling the kids up to me! I have lots of tricks and games to keep things fun and your job? To laugh and smile and love on your kids throughout the session. Just let your kids be kids!

A word of advice – skip the bribes. I know it seems like a good idea, but it usually fails.  

What if my house is really dark?

If you have windows and a front door, you have light! It's my job to find the light.

will we get some pictures of everyone looking at the camera and smiling?

I typically get a few pictures with everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the beginning of the session, but a session with me involves movement and snuggles and looking at the ones you love! And laughter...a lot of laughter!

My baby or toddler is sick - what should I do?

Call me! I'm a mom. I get it. You don't want pictures of your sick child. We'll reschedule the session as soon as everyone is healthy!

any tips for preparing for our session?

  • get up EARLY and take your time getting ready (yes, mom, I'm talking to you!)
  • turn electronics off at least 30 minutes before the session
  • turn on some of your favorite music
  • turn off all the lights and open the blinds