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How I Help My Clients Plan Outfits for Their DC Photography Session

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When I’m working with a client to plan their in-home lifestyle photography session, one of the first questions that comes up involves what to wear in their photos!

Whether a newborn session or a family session, helping my DC clients choose outfits that coordinate well with the others AND that reflect each person’s style is a priority for me. That’s why I offer complimentary styling assistance to all of my clients!

Let’s dive into my styling assistance process and choosing outfits for DC Photography Sessions.

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When I first meet with clients for their phone consult, I always offer to assist them in styling their family members for their photography session. In addition, I also send a my favorite “What to Wear” tips in my Session Prep Guide.

After they read the Session Prep Guide, some families have a good grasp on what they’ll wear to their photography session. However, more and more clients are saying yes to my complimentary styling assistance because they’re pressed for time or feel overwhelmed about dressing the entire family. I’m always happy to take care of these details for my clients, whether I’m filling in the gaps – for instance, maybe big sister needs a new dress to wear, but big brother is all set! – or starting from scratch and searching for outfits for each family member.

When I’m assisting a client’s family with outfit styling for their session, I always ask three simple questions to help me get started:

  1. Are you a jeans or dress kind of person?
  2. Is there anything your children dislike wearing?
  3. Is there any price point you’d like me to stick to?

From there, I start searching! I utilize Google, of course, but I also stick to brands I personally like and I know that my clients will enjoy, too. Personally, I like making mood boards for each family to share my clothing recommendations. I typically offer a few outfit choices per family member, and I tend to dress Mom first and coordinate everyone else’s outfits from there.

It’s truly enjoyable for me to search for outfits that look and feel like something my clients would be delighted to pull out of their closets and wear, not simply for photos, but also for a fun date night or a dinner party with friends!

Ready to get started planning your next photography session? Reach out to me today!

P.S. Are you a photographer? Want to learn how I create my styling mood boards for my clients? I do this right in Canva! Feel free to check out this video tutorial to learn how I create my mood boards.

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