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What to Expect AND What Not to Expect from Your DC Newborn Session

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All the Expectations

As a mama to a brand new baby, I know your worries are many. If you’ve planned a newborn session, I know the pressure of getting ready for that is another thing to add to the list. However, as a Washington, DC based newborn photographer with almost 10 years of experience under my belt, I want you to know that it’s going to be just fine. More than fine, actually. But just to help provide clarity and calm, I’ve prepared a list of what to expect (and not to expect)  when you’re no longer expecting a BABY…but a newborn session with me. 

What to Expect AND WHat Not to Expect

  1. I don’t expect your home to be spotless.

 NOT AT ALL. You just had a baby and as a mom of three, I know all about those early days. Your house simply needs to be gently tidied. Dishes should be placed in the sink, not on the counter, bedside tables should be cleared off, and things like breast pumps and baby wipes put away. But spotless-ness is not even remotely necessary and it’s a hard expectation to put on yourself during this time.

  1. I do expect your toddler to be a toddler.

If you have older children, please remember no toddler (or any child, for that matter) in the history of time has behaved perfectly during a session. Toddlers are still learning, and they’re adjusting to a new family dynamic – so expecting perfect behavior is just an unrealistic expectation. So, please don’t give it a second thought and just let your kids be themselves. 

  1. I don’t expect that the focus will be on photos for the full session. 

What I mean by this is that taking breaks for baby (or your older children) to eat or grab a snack is A-OK. Even if the session is taking place just after a feeding, without fail, babies want to eat during a session and you should by all means take that time and feed them. Growth spurts happen and we’ll let them eat! We will always go with the flow. 

  1. I do expect you to be comfortable. 

While I will prepare you for the session and share gentle guidelines on what to wear (you can find some of those tips here), know that they are just guidelines and meant to be helpful but not the last word. I can share all of the tips about colors and coordination, but the best advice I have is to be comfortable with whatever you’re wearing. That ease will show and that trumps all.

  1. I don’t expect to focus solely on the baby – even if that’s why I’m here!

While I know the reason for the session is that sweet new baby of yours, siblings and pets very often get excited to have someone new in the midst and can really turn on the charm – often surprisingly so! It happens so often that I wrote a blog about it here. It’s totally normal and lots of fun – and I promise to get all the sweet newborn images no matter what. 

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Have Questions?

Do you have any specific questions about what to expect during your newborn session? If so, I’d love to answer them! Reach out to me anytime via my website

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