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Tips on Getting Your Kids Ready for Pictures | Georgetown Photographer

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Don’t Stress – Pictures are Fun!

Listen moms – I get it. You’re worried about your kids behaving badly for your Georgetown Lifestyle Session. In fact, you are stressing about it! Take a deep breath and stop the worrying! These 5 tips will help get your kids ready for pictures and make the whole experience super fun!

5 Tips That Will Make Picture Day Easy for Kids and You

  1. Make sure kids are comfortable with what they’re wearing!  Think about it – are you uncomfortable if you are wearing something that doesn’t fit properly or has scratchy fabric? If your child hates what they’re wearing it’s going to show!  This isn’t to say that you should let them choose what they’re wearing, but make sure they aren’t too hot or cold. That the fabric is comfortable and the clothes fit properly. This isn’t the time to break in brand new shoes – but if your session is an at-home lifestyle session we’ll probably ditch the shoes anyway!

  2. Make sure everyone has a full belly!  Are you happy when your tummy is growling? NO! Neither are your kids. Make sure everyone has eaten right before the session and have snacks handy – preferably not gooey, chocolate snacks. Sometime snacks are even part of the session!

  3. Let your kids know what to expect!  Make sure they know that someone is coming to take their picture. I recommend talking it up all week. Tell them that it’s going to be fun and ask them to practice their best jokes to tell me! Here are some of my favorite Knock Knock jokes.

  4. Don’t tell them to say “cheese”! This is a BIG one. Please don’t have them practice their smile and please don’t ask them to “say cheese” during the session. Lifestyle Sessions are all about interactions. Let me get the natural smiles and giggles!

  5. Relax and have fun! Kids are smart. They can tell when you’re stressed, so do my a favor and RELAX (I’ve even known a mom or two to have a mimosa or Irish coffee before I arrive)! Lifestyle Sessions are fun and there is no reason to be stressed out. Keep calm and turn up some of your favorite tunes!

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Let’s Have Some Fun

Now that you know how to get your kids ready for pictures, let’s get your Lifestyle Session on the calendar!

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