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4 Reasons DC Outdoor Spring Sessions Aren’t for Me!

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I do have favorites!

It’s no secret the outdoor photo sessions aren’t my top choice. As an in-home lifestyle photographer in Washington DC, I love shooting, well, yes, in-home. But shooting outdoors in the springtime is particularly high on my list of no-gos. 


It Ain’t Easy Shooting Green

One reason tops the list and that’s the color GREEN.

Green grass, as many photographers know, is one of the worst and most challenging of all things to photograph and edit. To add insult to injury, new grass in the springtime is, like, the green of all greens. Think Elphaba green – shout out to my fellow Wicked fans – and it’s not pretty. 

Too Many People

Another reason makes the anti-spring list, and that’s CROWDS.

Washington, DC is one of the prettiest places you can be in the springtime, and many people know this to be true. Because of this, however, the crowds can be unbearable. Nearly every public place in the capitol is riddled with people looking at blooms, having their pictures taken and simply enjoying the spring weather. For a photographer, trying to avoid throngs of people and make sure your pictures don’t have strangers in the background is a huge challenge. But for you and your family, it’s just as maddening. So many people in such proximity is a huge distraction to your kids and adults almost never like to feel on display. 

Weather Whiplash

Reason number three is WEATHER.

While many things in life get a bad rap, I don’t think spring weather gets a bad enough rap. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, because of course a gorgeous spring day is everything, but if you really pay attention you’ll notice that most spring days are NOT THAT GREAT. Ever heard of April showers? Ever experience a deep freeze after everything blooms? How about the mud, and what that does to shoes and the bottoms of your sweet dresses? In theory, it’s nice to try to capture things when they’re in bloom, but the reality is much less special: the blooms are as unpredictable as the weather during spring time. It’s a no for me. 

What to Wear Nightmares

OUTFIT CHALLENGES also make the list. 

Along with weather goes planning what to wear. You bought all the cute spring outfits for the whole brood and – surprise! –  it’s a high of 49 degrees the day of your session. Yes, there are flowers, but are they alive? And do you look alive, or do you have blue lips?! Maybe you’ve got a gorgeously long and flowy dress to rock, and mud season has arrived, effectively destroying your beautiful frock and the knees and bottoms of your sweet son’s pants. Let’s bring those spring clothes inside, friends!

Another Option for Spring

While I’m harping on springtime, please know I don’t think it’s ALL bad. In fact, I love photographing families in spring…but at your home. In addition to the beautiful photos we will capture *inside* your space, we can utilize your front or backyards and even your porch or front steps to get some outside shots…with an easy escape route back inside to the comfort of your home. We can also grab beautiful snippes of the outdoors through the windows in the background of your images, effectively bringing the outside, in. 

In short, for me, spring is not the thing. And if that sounds like YOUR thing, too, I’d love to hear from you.

Reasons Outdoor Spring Sessions Arent for Me DC Photographer 015 - NPS Photography

*One exception to this is Lincoln Memorial Sunrise Sessions!*

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