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You Want a Sunrise Sessions at the Lincoln Memorial – Trust Me!

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Sunrise Sessions are the Bomb!

If you’ve spent any time looking over my website or my Instagram account, you might have noticed I don’t show many outdoor sessions. It’s no secret – I LOVE an in-home sessions and that’s mainly what I shoot!

But, there is one type of outdoor session I love…sunrise sessions by the Reflecting Pool and Lincoln Memorial*. The light is always gorgeous and there is something so serene about sessions there. Plus, the white marble makes it feel like an indoor session in some way.

Sunrise can be early…especially in the summer, but in the fall it’s not crazy early and we just might get some colorful leaves, too. So, I recommend fall or early spring for your Lincoln Memorial Session. It’s also a good way to avoid the heat or freezing temps!

Session Flow

We usually start on the edge on the Reflecting Pool…always careful not to let kiddos get too close! Happy to report no one has gone for a swim at one of my sessions😜

Then, we move to some steps. I usually mix it up – some with the Lincoln Memorial behind you and/or some pretty trees and greenery. This gives you some variety and some pictures that are less “DC”.

Now comes the fun part! We climb the steps to one of the sides and that’s where the magic happens in my opinion! It is just such a breathtaking spot.

At the end of the session, we walk down to the base of the memorial and get a few more shots – by then everyone is relaxed, so a quick “everyone look at the camera” is a MUST!

As with all my sessions, we play games and have tons of fun during your session. Littles and spouses will not get bored on my watch!

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What Makes Sunrise Sessions at the Lincoln Memorial the BEST!

Benefits of sunrise…

  1. It’s not overrun with people. Truth is, it’s usually only other photographers and a few tourists!
  2. You get the session done and then have your whole day in-front of you! Many clients go out for a special breakfast after their session! Might I suggest Tatte?
  3. The light! Oh sunrise light is sooooo pretty! It’s warm and soft and truly perfect!
  4. Your kids are up early – knock out the pictures when they’re happy! Avoid those “witching hour” meltdowns at a sunset session!
  5. Parking is easy! No joke – finding parking any other time of day is a total nightmare, but first thing? Well, it’s not a problem!

Have I convinced you that you need a sunrise session in Washington, DC? Are you interested in one of my limited outdoor sessions?

Make sure you are on my EMAIL LIST or please CONTACT ME!

*Please note there is an additional fee to cover the permit from the National Park Service for this location.

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