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Photography Inspiration from Books: A Round-Up


I am inspired by all sorts of things!

But, surrounding myself with beautiful coffee table books filled with stunning images is one of my favorite ways to find inspiration.

A few of these photographers I’ve followed for years and some I stumbled upon.

You just might find me perusing one of these books before I start sketching my ideas for a session.

“But, Natasha these aren’t all family photography photographers?”

Correct! Inspiration can come from different types of photography. And I LOVE exploring it all – weddings, family/motherhood, headshots, women, animals. And that’s what these books reflect.

Books for Photography Inspiration

Here are my personal favorites.

Motherhood book

Mother and Child

Ok, these is a stunning book by Claiborne Swanson Frank filled with portraits of moms with kids, some are multi generational. I love reading the blurbs/interviews of all the moms, but the photographs are truly gorgeous.

IMG 5819 - NPS Photography


Slim Aarons was a mind blowing artist. I’m sure you’ve seen his photographs before. He has a number of books that showcase his work. I love the glam and the environmental shots. Seeing how photographers pose women is always an inspiration!

IMG 5818 2 - NPS Photography

The Perfect Imperfect

John Dolan is the standard for black and white wedding photography (he does shoot color, too). His photos feel. And to capture photos that feel is a true art. Also, I love a black and white images, so, of course I love his work!

IMG 5817 2 - NPS Photography

Gray Malin

I have followed Gray for a long time! His photos are whimsical and fun. I simply adore his aerial shots. And the series he did at The Parker Palm Springs!

IMG 5820 - NPS Photography


Who hasn’t heard of Annie Leibovitz? Her images are as iconic as the people she photographs. And there is always something to be learned from a true genius!

Where Else I Find Photography Inspiration

I find inspiration all around me…observing people when I’m out and about. Different forms of art – sculptures, paintings. My personal life.

But, these are coffee table books are the ones I gravitate to time and time again.

If you have a photographer in your life, consider gifting them one of these amazing books! I know they will love it. xo

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