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Older Newborn Session

A phone call or an email from a somewhat panicked new mom…”I forgot to book a newborn session and my newborn is already XX weeks old!  Is it too late?” When doing Pinehurst baby photography my answer is ALWAYS the same, “No!” It’s never too late to capture a sweet new baby. An older newborn session just might look a little different.

Miss A came to see me at 7 weeks old. We scheduled her session during the time of day when she sleeps the most, in this case, afternoon. Mom fully fed her before they arrived.  I immediately wrapped her.  Between the wrap and the warmer studio, she eventually fell asleep and I was able to get some curled up sleeping pictures that mom wanted. However, there were quite a few where she was wide eyed. That gave me the opportunity to capture those sweet expressions that change from moment to moment with a baby. I kept her fully wrapped while she was awake so that the images didn’t have any flailing arms and legs.  The wrap also tends to keep babies calm.  A baby that is almost asleep can startle themselves with a flailing arm!  And that startle will wake them right up.

I want parents to have realistic expectations with an older newborn.  They go into the session knowing that there will be more awake and natural images verses the posed newborn images. However, I promise to capture their new little one in beautiful images that will be cherished for years and generations to come. Pinehurst baby photography can have it’s challenges, but it is NEVER a challenge to capture a sweet new life at any age.

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