Dogs and Babies? YES! | Pinehurst Photography

June 18, 2020

Natasha Sewell

Dogs and Babies 1

My Georgie

When you talk about your family – does it include a furry family member with four legs? And is that furry family member your first child?

I’m guessing if you have a dog the answer is YES! How do I know? Because I have a dog – Georgie. I’m sure you’ve heard or seen me refer to him as my trusty assistant. And I love dogs. All dogs and they usually love smelling Georgie on me! But Georgie doesn’t like it when I come home smelling like a mother dog – he thinks I’ve betrayed him!

So when someone asks if their dog can be part of their session, the answer is always “YES! Of course!”

Dogs and Babies 3

I think it’s important to have all your family members in your session…mom, dad, the kids and your four-legged baby. Lifestyle Sessions in your home make including everyone super easy.

Some of the sweetest images I get have a dog in them. They are usually a protector and don’t want to leave the baby’s side or mom and dad’s for that matter!

Dogs and Babies 4

Depending on the dogs size and temperament we will decide what works best. Sometime having the dog at your feet works perfectly. Sometimes it’s easy to get them to join you on a couch or bed if that’s allowed. If weather allows we may take a few shots on your front steps or in your yard. The options are endless and we will choose the right spots for you and your dog.

Dogs and Babies 2

When I come in your home I capture everything. ALL of your family, so if you have a furry child, count them in! Dog and babies are a perfect fit!

Are you ready to capture ALL your family members in the comfort of your own home?

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