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Do You Ever Need a Reset? | Washington DC Family Photography

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There are so many pluses to being your own boss and an entrepreneur, BUT it’s also super hard!

Last March, I had the opportunity to sign-up for The Reset Conference in Waco, Texas. And since things were looking better pandemic-wise, I jumped at the chance! Three days with photographers sounded PERFECT to me!

But as September neared, I got nervous. Covid numbers were rising, especially in Texas and I didn’t want to do something risky. So, for weeks I weighed the pros and cons. And ultimately, with the help of my physician husband, decided to go and wear a mask everywhere.

And I’m so glad I did!

I didn’t know how much I needed The Reset Conference. You see, I was starting to feel a little burnout creep into my business. Running a business in two locations has its challenges. Trying to balance my work life/home life has its challenges – and I was beginning to feel overwhelm and doubt on a daily basis.

Am I too old to run this business?

Does the time I put into it justify the money I actually earn? (running a small business is expensive!)

Was my heart still in it?

The Reset Conference

Thankfully, my experience at The Reset Conference reinvigorated me and helped me squash the self-doubt.

Here’s the thing about conferences – it’s not the classes and workshops that help you reset, it’s the PEOPLE! Yes, the education was great, but the people I connected and reconnected with made it even better! Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. And connecting with like minded people is literally EVERYTHING!

I took amazing classes on email marketing, social media, family photography, and working with children. I listened to inspirational keynotes by Katelyn James and Abby Grace, but from the minute I got in the car to drive to Waco with my friend and fellow photographer, Mallory, the real reset began.

Over the past 18+ months, I’ve done several Masterminds and courses with Sabrina Gebhardt and I’ve met so many wonderful photographers through them. Sabrina is based in Texas and a number of the photogs in her Masterminds and courses are also based in Texas, so I had never met them in real life. But, that all changed at Reset.

Being able to “talk shop” and bounce ideas off one another is amazing! And to do it in person, well, that’s life changes.

Travel is my love language for sure, but connecting with other photographers is a close second.

Family Shoots

And on top of that, I did two Watch Me Shoots on the third day – one with Erin Dorsey and one with Sabrina. And I learned so much from both. Because, shocker, I’m a visual learner and seeing and shooting along other photographers makes all the lightbulbs go off!

The two sessions were very different – one in a darker house with a family of six and this one in a bright, light house with a family of five including a baby! And these situations are real life! As a lifestyle photographer, I get every scenario. Bright, light houses and dark, moody ones and I love shooting in both! I love the challenges both offer.

So, as a little side note to all the entrepreneurs out there – connect with other people in your industry! Seek them out. I promise you won’t regret it!

And thanks to The Reset Conference, I am going into my busy season refreshed and reset and ready to go!

And that doesn’t only make me a better photographer, but makes me a better wife and mother.

Bring on my super busy fall season! I’m ready for it!

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