Cake Smashes – Baby Photography Location

Cake Smashes – Studio or Outdoors

Location…location…location.  Yes, the location is important when it comes to Cake Smashes! Many clients have a vision of what they want for a cake smash – not like a wedding vision, but a general idea. So, when we are planning the session I try to get an idea of what you, the clients, has in mind. Cake Smashes are fun and whimsical and should not be a super serious event – although some babies take it pretty seriously. And, I guess you should have focus when you are eating cake for the very first time;)

What are the location options? Studio or outdoors. There are certainly pros to both.


  • simple set-up
  • no distractions (park, birds, cars, etc.)
  • easy clean-up in the studio bathroom sink!
  • baby is the focus in the portraits
  • outfit changes are easy


  • easy to do family portraits before the smash
  • natural setting
  • colorful background (especially in fall and spring)
  • room to run and play


It’s really up to you and when it comes to the setting for your Cake Smash Session! I am just there to capture the moment and the memories. And there will be some great ones in the studio or outdoors!  Unsure about what you want? Let’s set-up a phone consult and figure it out together.

Take a look at other Cake Smashes by NPS Photography! And don’t forget that NPS Photography offers cake add-ons through C. Cups Cupcakery, too!

Email me at info@npsphotography.com or call me at (910)992-1146 to set-up a session.

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