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4 Reasons to do Your Washington DC Photo Sessions Indoors

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Is an indoor photo session for me?

I know it sounds crazy…photos indoors? But, I’m not talking studio shots at JC Penny’s or Target! I’m talking about indoor lifestyle pictures that truly capture you and your family.

Most likely you haven’t wanted to book a lifestyle session because your nervous about having pictures taken in your home – maybe it’s a rental or not your dream home – and I get it. However, if you are on the fence about an in-home session make sure you read my blog post on them. It might just change your mind.

But, I’m actually talking about indoor lifestyle pictures in a rental space. A space that has furniture and amazing natural light! I offered session in a new (FABULOUS) space in Aberdeen, North Carolina. It’s actually an event space, but it was ideal for some indoor lifestyle sessions.

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Indoor Family Lifestyle Session

I had three sessions available and they booked up FAST! My clients were excited about the space and the opportunity to do something different. They had done outdoor session with me in the past, which I only offer a few times a year on a very limited basis.

I was able to create a few areas in the space and make it work for lifestyle sessions. I had a leather chair with a plant next to it, a wooden bench against a white brick wall, and a pinkish/mauve sofa next to another plant. And on top of that, I could move the bench and have an amazing white brick wall for pictures, too.

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4 Reasons for an Indoor Photo Session

Instead of me listing all the reasons indoor photo sessions were so amazing, let me tell you what my clients’ said!

  1. “I’m so glad we didn’t have to reschedule due to the rain!” That’s right it rained that day, no actually, it poured! All morning long and we still had fabulous light in the space. Sometimes, with outdoor sessions, I have to reschedule two or more times due to weather! Rain and heavy clouds don’t work for outdoor sessions. But, inside – no big deal!

  2. “My kids were so much calmer and better behaved indoors!” I heard this from two families. Two families that had done multiple outdoor sessions with me in the past. There’s something about being indoors that calms kids a bit. Don’t get me wrong – they danced and twirled and jumped and had loads of fun, but they were easier to corral and keep together in the space.

  3. “I love the bright, white aesthetics! The focus is really on us!” YES! You are the focus of the pictures. Not the flowers or fall leaves – just YOU! And there is something to be said for pictures that really make you pop.

  4. Air conditioning and heat!!!! Yes, it’s always the perfect temperature. No sweating on a hot day or blue lips on a cold one.

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Ready to book?

I’m so excited to have this space again in October for a very limited number of sessions!

So, if you think an indoor session might be a good fir for you in the fall, what are you waiting for? Get on the list! Then, you’ll be the first to know when I release the sessions.

And don’t worry DC area – I’m working on a great option for you, too!

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Let’s get to preserving your family's real-life moments in the place you’re most comfortable – your home.

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