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You NEED to Be in Pictures 001

mom with daughter and newborn in the nursery

I’ve heard all the excuses. Heck, I’ve used all the excuses! I need to loose weight. I don’t have anything to wear. No one wants to see me in the pictures. Let’s just focus on the kids.

STOP! Stop saying these things. Stop saying these things in front of your daughters.  Just STOP!

Your kids don’t see the 20 extra pounds or the crows feet or laugh lines. They don’t see your dark roots or gray hairs. They don’t see the circles under your eyes. They see YOU.  They see their perfect mom.  They see love when they look at you. You NEED to be in pictures with your kids for your kids.

You NEED to Be in Pictures 002

mother and son laughing

What Will They Have to Remember You

It’s morbid. I know. It’s hard to hear the truth. But think about it.  Really think about it. What will your kids have to remember you by? What will they have to show their children and grandchildren? The answer is easy. A wedding picture.You need to be IN pictures with your kids. Pictures not only show what you looked like they also invoke feelings. And don’t you want your kids to feel those feelings again and again? I know I do!

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mom holding toddler backlit

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mom reading to baby

Get In the Darn Picture

You don’t have to book a family photo session to get in the pictures. Ask someone to take a picture with your phone when you are out to dinner or at the park. Ask your partner to take a picture of you baking with your littles or reading a bedtime story. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. It just has to be you with them.Then print them. Make little Chatbooks albums quarterly or change out the pictures on the fridge every month.And if you decide you want professional pictures that capture your family in your home authentically, call me! I’d love to capture your kids’ perfect mom who they love with all their heart.

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