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Motherhood – So Many Meanings

motherhood – noun – the state of being a mother

In my opinion, there are many wonders of motherhood. And even more stages of motherhood. Motherhood is different for every mom – yes, there are common threads, but my motherhood doesn’t look like yours. And motherhood changes for moms during different ages and stages.

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My Motherhood

I felt like a mom the minute I found out I was pregnant with my first son. I was overcome with love for something I hadn’t seen or touched and I felt responsible for this little person growing inside me.

At times motherhood has equaled utter, complete exhaustion. Especially when I had three little boys four and under and a husband who was a chief resident in ob/gyn. And I’m pretty sure I looked exhausted all the time, too!

I wasn’t the priority. My three boys were. They were my everything and still are, but when they were little they were my major focus all day long. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t great with self-care or me time. Thankfully, I learned and hired babysitters now and again!

And sometimes motherhood has meant guilt and regrets and second guessing decisions. I’m not perfect. I yell. I overreact – a lot. And at times those feelings have been a big part of my motherhood. We are our own worst critics, right? And boy do we criticize our mothering!

Worry. Such a BIG part of motherhood. There isn’t a day that my motherhood doesn’t involve worry. Did they get enough to eat? Is this the right pre-school? Will they make the soccer team? And as they got older, the worry was about driving and college decisions and broken hearts.

But most days I can define motherhood with two words – love and pride. My heart literally bursts with the love and pride I have for my three boys. I am often in total awe of them and the young men they have become. And I like to believe I had a little something to do with it.

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What Does Motherhood Mean to You?

Motherhood is different for everyone. Our motherhood journeys are unique to us. On Mother’s Day in 2019, the Washington Post published “Defining Motherhood” – moms’ perspectives in 100 words or less. It’s worth the read!

As a Washington, DC photographer, I am honored to be able to capture moms and their children. From new moms to seasoned moms – I love being a fly on the wall and capturing all the goodness!

Are you ready to have me document the wonders of your motherhood?