Why You Need to Show Your Face | NC Branding Photographer

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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

We live in a world of marketing – they literally teach every click we make online and market specifically to us! So, how do you make your business stand out and get noticed?


You read that right. You need to show your face and show it often.

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Branding Session

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Do the Research – What Does Your Audience Like

Seriously, look at your analytics on social media. Which posts get the most comments and likes? The ones with YOU in them.

Wait – you don’t have any pictures of you on your business page? Well, then you are missing out on a lot of likes and comments! Trust me.

Your customers and clients want to see the face behind the brand. They want to know you and your story.

I know it’s easy to hide behind your products – or in my case behind the pictures I take of other people. I have a lot of visual content for my social media accounts and website. I’m a photographer!

But people want to see the person behind the camera. They want to know who they are hiring and buying from. Don’t you identify with a brand or company when you know who they are?

This is where a Branding Session comes in.

Sure you can take selfies and post those, but do you want selfies on your website? Probably not.

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Show your Face

A Branding Session is Worth It

A Branding Session is worth the investment. You’re probably wondering how I know this?

Because I have had Branding Sessions! I try to do one several times a year. My last one was just a few months ago.

Make it a real event like I did. I hired a hair and make-up artist, I bought clothes that worked well with my brand and brand colors. Spend time gathering props and items that are important to your business.

And it was SO worth it!!! I now have lots of content for my website, blog and social media!

Analytics for showing your face

The first Instagram post I did with one of the pictures got 80 likes, 18 comments, a share, 16 profile visits and 3 website clicks. In comparison, an average post get about 30-40 likes, between 2-6 comments, and 2-5 profile visits. That’s a HUGE difference! And an amazing way to boost your brand!

Are you ready to learn more about a Branding Session with NPS Photography? Let’s get some pictures that show your face!