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What to Wear Fall Session Edition | DC Family Photoshoot

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Fall Family Sessions what to wear

What to Wear for Your Fall DC Family Photoshoot

Figuring out what to wear for outdoor family pictures can be unnerving. This isn’t the time to reinvent your style. Everyone should be themselves in your DC family photoshoot! Gone are the days of matching from head to toe. Thank goodness!!!

But there are some key things to remember when choosing what to wear. You don’t have to break the bank to be picture perfect! Target has plenty of great looks and you may even have the perfect looks right in your own closet!

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6 Tips to Make You Picture Perfect

  1. Dress mom FIRST!

You read that right. If mom is happy in what she’s wearing, everyone is happy! Fit is important. I’ve had outfits I was determined to get into for a session and those extra 5 pounds just won’t budge and squeezing into that outfit is NOT a good idea. You need to be comfortable. You will thank me later!

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Family of five fall outdoor photo session

2. Add texture.

Think about fabrics that add some texture to your looks. Tweeds, linen, cable knit, seersucker…you get the idea! Now you don’t need to add all these textures into your looks! Maybe one or two!

3. You can mix patterns.

Contrary to what most people think, mixing patterns is a GOOD thing! In our family pictures this past summer, I wore a floral dress, my husband wore seersucker shorts (stripes) and one of my sons had on a plaid shirt. And guess what? It worked! In fact, it looked great!

4. Don’t forget shoes!

I realize you aren’t going to leave your house without shoes, but make good choices on what you wear. High heels…NO! Nike sneakers on your son…NO! Think practical – wedges work great for mom, but heels sink into grass. Sneakers are fine for your son, but maybe Converse or Natives would be a better option. You don’t have to spend a lot to a classic look. Your footwear should go with your clothes!

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family of four on stairs -what to wear

5. Comfort and movability are key!

Beyond all else…make sure your are all comfortable and that you can move! I know that cute shift dress is your favorite, but can you sit comfortable in it on the grass? NO! So, don’t wear it!

6. Fit is important.

I can’t fix fit in Photoshop! If your son’s pants are too short or your daughter’s dress slips off her shoulder, that’s how it’s going to be in the pictures. Please choose clothes that fit properly. That goes for shoes, too! And I promise, you will be much happier with the end result.

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Family of three lifestyle outdoor session

And the best part about booking a Family Session with NPS Photography? You get a What to Wear Guide with your confirmation!

I still have some in-home Fall Family Session availability! Interested in a session?

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