What Should We Wear for our Photos? | A Freebie


The Number One Question I Get Asked!

What does every single client ask?

“What should we wear?”

I know for some clients this is what holds them back from booking a session! And I get it. You most likely aren’t a stylist. Sure, you can dress yourself and your kids, but the thought of putting together cohesive looks for an in-home family photo session is paralyzing. Am I right?

The NPS Photography Difference

But, I promise it’s not as complicated as you think it is AND I’m here to walk you through it all or even help you plan your outfits. Recently, I had a mom tell me where she liked to shop and I picked some reasonably priced outfits for her kids (she had already picked out her dress). And I’m happy to do that!

Or at a minimum, you can send me a few pics of what you’re thinking of wearing and I’ll give you some input.


A Few Simple Tips

My number one recommendation when choosing clothing…shop in your closet first! You might have the perfect outfit and then you can build off of that. Don’t overthink it. And be true to you!

Here are a few more tips:

1. Dress mom first. If mom is happy, everyone is happy.

2. Stay in your fashion lane. This isn’t the time to try a new look!

3. Coordinate don’t match!

Freebie Alert

Want all my tips for What to Wear?

I have a beautiful What to Wear Guide I’d love to share with you! So, hop on over to my FREEBIE and grab it! I also have multiple Pinterest boards dedicated to What to Wear – so go check them out and give me a follow because I add to them on the regular!


What to Wear Inspiration

You can also check out some of my favorite stores for inspiration.



J. Crew





Zara Kids

Monica & Andy

Lou Lou & Co.

Beaufort Bonnet

Happy outfit planning my friends!

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