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What Should My Newborn Wear – What to Wear Wednesday | DC Photographer

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What to Wear Wednesday – Newborn Edition

Capturing newborns in their homes is definitely my jam! And since I don’t provide clothes for the baby or take naked posed pictures, I always share “what the baby should wear” with my clients! But, I realize this is probable a question a lot of clients have, so I thought I’d share what I recommend for my tiniest clients.

And I’ll make it easy – they only need two things…a one piece outfit and a swaddle! That’s it!

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One Piece Outfits

Why a one piece outfit?

  • two piece outfits are bulky and never seem to fit correctly

  • access to their feet is important!

So, which one piece outfits do I recommend?

  • onesies (solid colors please)

  • knotted gown (easy access to their feet)

  • a day gown

What should you avoid?

  • footed pjs (we can’t get to their feet!)

  • dark colors (babies skin absorbs all the dark colors – keep it light!)

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Everything swaddle!

I personally prefer the muslin type swaddles in light colors or simple prints, but the large cotton swaddle blankets work well, too. As with their clothes, keep it simple and stay away from dark colors. White, cream, pastels and gray work well.

“But my baby doesn’t like being swaddled.” I hear this at about half my sessions and I understand your newborn might not like sleeping in a swaddle or they might be a little Houdini who escapes every chance they get, but trust me, have a swaddle handy! If the baby gets fussy or is wide awake, a quick swaddle will calm them and control their flailing arms.

And Last but Not Least, Diapers

I know diapers come in adorable prints! One client even had Red Sox diapers and let me take one because my ob-gyn husband is a HUGE Red Sox fan and I knew he would get the biggest kick out of them – and he did! But, dark diapers with lots of patterns sometimes show through their very neutral outfit or swaddle. So, if possible, save the white diapers for your newborn session, please! I’ll be thanking you as I edit!

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Where to Shop

Not sure where to shop for neutral onesies? Or that perfect swaddle? I’ve compiled a list of places that have the perfect newborn looks that won’t break the bank! Also, local shops like Belli Bambini in Southern Pines, NC and Three Littles in DC are great places to shop local and find the perfect item for your newborn session!


Target White Onesie

White Onesie with Pastel Trim

Knotted Gown

Lou Lou and Company Knotted Gowns

Baby Sacks

Day Gowns

Jersey Day Gowns

Feltman Brothers Day Gown

Smocked Day Gowns


White Swaddle

Muslin Swaddles

Cotton Swaddles


One rule with bows…keep them simple and small. The smaller the better!

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Haven’t booked your newborn session? I’d love to work with you!

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