What Every Family Photographer Wants Dads to Know | Washington DC


This is for the Dads

Let me guess…your wife scheduled family photos with her favorite photographer and just got around to telling you about it.

And, you’re not thrilled.

Family photos are stressful – your wife gets totally worked up and wants everyone and everything to be perfect.

It means wrangling kids and bribes and you just aren’t here for it.


Family photo sessions DON’T have to be that way!

They don’t need to be stressful, bribes do not need to take place and you (yes, dad I’m talking to YOU) can have fun.

I know this seems impossible. But over the past 8+ years I’ve photographed A LOT of families and I promise it’s possible.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Here’s what every Lifestyle Photographer wants you to know to make your family photos a HUGE success – in fact, everyone will walk away with a smile and say how much fun they had.

  1. Trust your photographer. Listen to them and TRUST they know what they’re doing.

  2. Get in close to your family…like really close.

  3. Go all in and be 100% present.

  4. Don’t look at the camera unless you’re asked to – and laugh and smile at those crazy people you call family!

  5. Did I say get close? Get closer!

  6. Let your kids climb on you and be silly.

  7. Bring your inner child to the session. That means you might have to crack some dad jokes, okay?

  8. Oh! And get close.

Ok, I know you get it. Get close! But seriously, this is my biggest tip! Snuggle and cuddle and love on your family during your session. Touch heads with your spouse. Give her a nuzzle or an unexpected kiss.

I may ask your kids to whisper something silly in your ear or climb up on your shoulders…go with it! I’m trying to get those ever elusive REAL smiles.

Bring all the jokes and the tickles and just be overall carefree and silly! A family session is NOT the time to be uptight. I promise to keep the kids under control – that’s my job during your photo session. Got it?

My Promise to All the Dads

And here’s my promise to you:

  1. I’ll keep the session to about an hour.

  2. You’ll have some fun…I swear!

So, who’s ready for some snuggles and laughs and all around good time with the end result being amazing pictures?