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Washington, D.C. Photographer : What’s in My Camera Bag

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An Update on What’s in My Camera Bag

Whether you consider yourself a gearhead or not, if you’re a photographer, your gear is essential. As a busy Washington, DC based family and newborn photographer, having my gear at the ready is a critical part of my workflow. So, I’m giving you a peek inside my bag of tricks.

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The Camera Bag

Let’s start by talking about the bag itself. I’m sporting a black Kamrette bag these days and I’m totally obsessed with it. Even better is the fact that my sons gave it to me for Christmas (cue all the tears). They did research and ordered it from Australia. It’s the best combination of form, function and thoughtfulness from my boys that I could dream up!

It holds A LOT! Up to three camera bodies, three lenses and I can even get me laptop in there.

The Gear

So what’s inside? I shoot Nikon and have several cameras in my bag for different styles and also as backups. The first camera I reach for is my Nikon Z6 with the lens adapter and a Sigma 35mm Art lens. I have my BLACKRAPID sling strap on it. I also have a Nikon D750 with my Nikkor 35mm lens, and a Nikon F100 film camera with a Nikkor 50mm lens. 

One of my goals for 2023 is to pull out my film camera at the end of every session – it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m trying!

The Accessories

Because I have a film camera in the mix, I have Porta 400 film and a roll of black and white film (I have a personal project I hope to do later this year with that black and white film). For my go-to cameras, I bring multiple XQD cards and SD cards to shoot on as well as Nikon batteries, a Nikon battery charger, AA batteries. To keep my gear clean, a lens brush, microfiber lens cleaning cloth, and q-tips for my viewfinder are also in the bag. 

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The “Extras”

For me, I’ve got my Naked Goat lip balm, hand sanitizer, face masks that I wear for every indoor session and my pink sketch pad, so that I can reference the poses I sketch ahead of every session. And, if I might be headed to a coffee shop immediately after the session, I’ll also bring along my laptop (I’m a Mac girl through and through), a card reader and my external hard drive so that I can import my images right away.  

The Tried and True Favorites

Obviously, this is a lot of gear. What do I actually use at every session? Without fail, it’s my Nikon Z6 with Sigma 35mm Art Lens/XQD card, sketchbook, hand sanitizer, and a face mask. As for the other gear? It’s good to be prepared!

Have any questions about my gear or my bag? Happy to answer!

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