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Two Times the Love | Southern Pines Newborn Photographer

As a Southern Pines newborn photographer, I often get asked what do you charge for twins? How much extra is it to photograph two newborns?  My answer…there is no extra charge for twins! It is a little more work and I do my best to have an assistant there to help me (although sometimes the assistant is mom or dad), but I would never charge my clients more for the session.

The C Family was referred to me by this wonderful family. These two families have a lot in common.  Not only were the moms pregnant at the same time, but they both have a full house with four precious littles. I love my referral clients!

C and H were as sweet as they could be. They were sleepy and cuddly and loved being posed together. I often find that with twins.  After all, they spent nine months in tight quarters together! As a Southern Pines newborn photographer, I always try to give my clients a variety of images. And with twins, it is no different!  I get images of them together and I get images of them by themselves.  I do my best to get the same individual set ups of each baby.  And I always get sibling and parent images! I mean how could you not love this image of the twins with their big sisters. Mom ordered an enlargement of it and I am sure it will make her smile overtime she walks by it.

The image of the boys naked on the gray blanket was a bit of a challenge.  The challenge can be summed up in one word…poop!  It happens.  I’m used to it.  Baby C had a full tummy and his brother leaning on it, well, it was bound to happen! Mom even commented at the ordering session about how amazed she was that I edited it out of the image. Just part of my job as a Southern Pines newborn photographer.  Because you want to remember their squishiness and rolls, not the poop.

Thank you C Family for letting capture your new family of six.


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