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Tips on Moving Your Photography Business

Most military spouses move their businesses multiple time – I was fortunate to have been in one location for the first 8 years of my business. But, once my husband retired for the US Army, we had to make a move.

My move was somewhat gradual and I ran my business in two locations for about 18 months – something I don’t recommend when you’re a one-woman or man show! My gradual move gave me the ability to switch things over at a slower pace.

I was fortunate to have some guidance from photography mentors and I did hire an SEO expert (which was really necessary when I was in two locations!) to optimize my website. However, I do believe you can make the move on your own! Here are my tips on moving your photography business.

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6 Tips on Moving Your Photography Business

If you are planning a move, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Find out what’s involved to move your business to a new state. I hired an attorney to set-up my new LLC in DC and an accountant to get my taxes paid! You’ll want to check on sales tax rate and what is actually taxed. Setting-up a legal business from Day 1 is VERY important!
  2. Blog! Blogging is an easy way to boost your SEO – use locations in your blog titles. And if you shoot outdoors and can do a session in an outdoor location before you make your move – DO IT!
  3. Start talking about your move on social media and add the new location to your bio! Using local hashtags help, too. The first client I booked in DC found me on Instagram – the power of the Gram.
  4. Your website SEO – when to switch it up! I actually ran my business in two locations for a year and a half, so I had both locations on my website and it was SEO optimized for both. My suggestion is to switch your SEO about six months before you move. You can still have your current location on your website, but SEO takes some time and this switch will help in your new location!
  5. Google Business Listing. As soon as you have an address in your new location switch your Google Business Listing! It’s so easy to do and will make a difference.
  6. A referral program in a new area is a great way to spread the word about your business. You can offer a print credit or a credit towards a future session as a thank you for clients that send new clients your way!
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A few final thoughts…

Moving is overwhelming and moving a business can be, too, but if you plan your move out you will have great success at your new location!

One last thing…community is important. Reach out to photographers in your new area and connect – online and in-person! It makes a huge difference to have industry friends and local ones are a big bonus!

Are you moving in the near future and interested in some help to make it happen? 1:1 photography mentoring with me can be geared towards helping you move your business! I’m an open book to my mentees!

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