The Ease of a Lifestyle Newborn Session

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Lifestyle Newborn Session with siblings

The Ease of a Lifestyle Newborn Session

You read that right…they are easy! Let’s think about it…You don’t have to leave your house! That means you don’ have to pack-up your toddler, kindergartner and newborn and get to a studio or other location by a certain time. How fabulous does that sound?Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are done in YOUR home.

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Newborn Lifestyle Session with siblings

Your House Doesn’t Need to be Perfect

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I know what you are thinking…my house is a mess! Take a deep breath and relax. We don’t need to use your whole house. We just need a few spots with good light.Maybe that’s the master bedroom or the nursery. You don’t have a nursery yet because the baby sleeps in your room?  No big deal! I’ll use the rooms that have the best light no matter what they are…a guest room, a playroom, your dining room or kitchen.  It really doesn’t matter.So, you don’t have to leave your house and your whole house doesn’t need to be immaculate. In fact, I’ll move things that need to be moved.

Other Benefits

Yes, there are other benefits.Your toddler needs a snack – your kitchen is right there. Or your toddler is having a meltdown? They can take a break, play with some of their toys and regroup. I had one little guy show me ALL his toys (pretend camera and his submarine were the highlights) and then he joined back in the session when he was ready.The baby spits up all over dad’s shirt…he can change it! His closet is there. Do you see what I mean?A Lifestyle Newborn Session is the easiest possible scenario for a family with a new addition. I promise!Ready to book? I’d love to capture your newborn and your family where you are the most comfortable…your home.All you have to do is fill out the form below and we can start planning YOUR session!