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March 9, 2020

Natasha Sewell

It’s All In The Details – DC Baby Photographer

All the details. I take care of them AND I capture them.

Pinehurst Lifestyle Session 008

newborn feet

Details Toes

Newborn Details

Cute toes that curl.

Newborn Details

Newborn Session Details Shots

Baby’s head in dad’s hands. Because they’re really that little.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography 009

newborn stretching

Baby stretches. Because they LOVE to stretch after nine months in a tight space.

Whispering Pines Newborn Photographer

newborn yawning

Baby yawns. What’s cuter than a toothless yawn on a newborn face.

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baby details

Little brother’s hand rubbing baby’s head. Because you can feel and see this new bond.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography 003

top of newborn’s head

The swirl of your newborn’s hair. Every swirl is a little different.

In home baby photographer Southern Pines

newborn smiling wrapped in white

Little baby smiles. Yes, I realize this is usually gas, but it’s cute none the less.

Details Tell the Story

Details tell the story.  The story of this little one’s new life.

Your children will love looking back through these little detail shots.  They won’t believe they were ever that small.And you won’t believe they are ever that small, either!

In fact, it’s a wonderful tradition to look through their newborn pictures on their birthday every year.  You can tell them about what they were like as a newborn (maybe smiled all the time or maybe they made a little noise every time they ate or maybe they had lots of gas – boys love that one!).

Whatever you remember about them as a baby, share it! Let them know you remember the details.

As a DC baby photographer, I’d love to capture all the teeny tiny details of your newborn. 

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