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No Crowds & Beautiful Light

“Early bird gets the worm!” Or in this case, a gorgeous sunrise AND an empty Lincoln Memorial.

When you have a photography business in a resort town (Pinehurst, NC) and a tourist destination (Washington, DC), you get inquiries from people who live out of town. And over the years I have done my fair share of “out of towners” photo sessions.

Out-of-Towners’ Family Photo Shoot

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, a got an inquiry from this sweet family from Austin, Texas. They would be in DC for a week over Thanksgiving and really wanted a way to remember the trip! We talked about all the possibilities and how early a sunrise session is in November – 7am! And they were totally game, even though 7am is 6am their time!

I said some prayers about the weather – cold was OK, but no rain please! And I guess my prayers works, because we got a beautiful sunrise behind the Washington Monument.

But, we also got cold! But, I’ll take sun and cold anytime. And it gave them the excuse to wear their adorable hats, right?

The Lincoln Memorial really is the ideal spot for a DC photo session. The white marble and huge pillars, not to mention the Reflecting Pool, Washington Monument and Capitol in the background. Quintessential DC.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

How exactly do you fill 45-60 minutes at one location?

We start near the Reflecting Pool and get some close-ups of your family and maybe a picture or two of your kids. Then we make the climb up all the stairs!

The Lincoln Memorial has some rules and regulations in place about where you can and can’t take photos. So, I’ll take you to one of the sides, which still gives us and amazing view and backdrop!

We’ll take a few “grandma shots” aka everyone looking at the camera. And then we’ll have some fun playing games and being silly. So, even if the temps are low, I’ll keep you moving and you’ll stay warm!

Your family session will give you a true variety of photos – close-ups, full body, whole family, kids, and I always take some pictures of mom and dad because I know the last time you had pictures of just you was a LONG time ago!

And before you know it, we’re done! Just like that.

So, if you’re planning a trip to DC or live in the area, please consider a sunrise session at The Lincoln Memorial or another fabulous location in the city! There are so many to choose from! Take a look at this summer sunrise session!

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DC Sunrise Photos NPS Photography - NPS Photography

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