Southern Pines Newborn Portraits

August 1, 2017

Natasha Sewell

When this stunning mom contacted me about Southern Pines newborn portraits, I had no idea she was a photographer herself. She hadn’t done newborn portraits with her older children (18, 11 & 4) and was interested in having them done this time around. During our conversation it came out that she herself is a photographer.  What an honor to have her contact me for portraits.

Her little one brought the rolls, round cheeks, and calm demeanor. She really was a dream! I kept things simple (my signature!) with the focus on, you guessed it, the baby. I love negative space in portraits.  It makes the image more interesting and really makes you focus on the subject(s). When creating Southern Pines newborn portraits, I try to capture tender moments. Moments you want to always remember. That sweet days old baby.  Your unconditional love for this new member of your family. And although my images aren’t scratch and sniff (remember those stickers?), the image brings back her sweet newborn scent and cuddly goodness. After all, a mother never forgets and these images help her remember.

When should Southern Pines newborn portraits be done? I get asked this questions A LOT. Typically, I do newborn session in the first two weeks. Don’t worry, I’m not going to have you come straight from the hospital. I give you a little time to settle in.  Usually sometime between 7-14 days I have you join me at my Pinehurst studio for your session. But what if I missed that window and my newborn is older?  No worries!  I am happy to photograph older newborns, too.  I’ll talk to you and we can choose the type of newborn session that works for you and your baby.

Don’t miss out on having Southern Pines newborn portraits done of your new addition. I am currently booking newborns due through December 2017.

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Email me at info@npsphotography.com or call me at (910)992-1146 for your Southern Pines newborn portraits!