Smiley Girl | Newborn Photographer in Georgetown, DC

Smiles.  I get them a lot with sitters, one year olds and older children, but not always with a newborn. As a Newborn Photographer in Washington, DC, I have found that it’s pretty much luck if I capture those sleepy smiles.

I highly recommend my clients have a swaddle ready for the session. I love unswaddled babies, but sometimes a squirmy, unsettled baby need a swaddle to calm them. And if we’re lucky they’ll fall asleep and we might get one of those sleepy smiles

As a Newborn Photographer in the DC area, it is important for me to keep your portraits cohesive. I want these collections to look perfect together in an album or on a wall in your home. NPS Photography now offers a line of of frames in different colors to suit every home.

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