Smiles! – How to Get Them

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kids jumping on the bed

SMILE!Giggles and smiles are the absolute BEST! Don’t you agree. And I don’t mean the smiles kids make when they are between 4 and 8 – the ones where all their teeth are showing but it looks like they may be scared.  I mean REAL, genuine smiles. Where their eyes light-up!

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dad tickling two sons – smiles

5 Ways to Get Those Genuine Smiles:

1. RELAX! I know photography sessions can be daunting especially when you have toddlers or you are dragging your spouse there, but if you can relax, they will, too! Kids (and pets) feed off your energy.

2. BE YOU! Let your family be who they are – silly, goofy, wild, shy. Just let everyone be themselves. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. I have no problem chasing little ones to get the best shots!3. PLAY A GAME! I often ask my clients to do something they do as a family – tickle bugs, peek-a-boo, swinging your child so high or throwing them in the air. It works every single time.4. TELL A JOKE! I have raised three boys and have plenty of potty jokes. Potty jokes work! Even for the big guy in the family. So, let me tell them and let your kids tell them! And if you have any great ones, share them with me! Meanwhile, I’ll be brushing up on these

funny jokes

.5. SING! Do your kids have a favorite song? Let me guess…it’s “Baby Shark”! Sing it loud and proud. I might even join in with you!

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Candid Picture of Family of Five

A Few Other Suggestions…

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Newborn Lifestyle Family Smiles

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Mom & Dad Playing with Daughter – Smiles!

It’s important for everyone to look the way you want them you look in pictures, but if a dress is too itchy or a belt drives your son crazy – skip it! Keep them happy and comfortable.Feed your kids BEFORE the session.  Hungry kids (and adults) are never happy!And last but not least, try and get those naps in.  Tired = Grumpy.

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