A Sitting Baby Fox | Pinehurst Child Photographer

A baby fox came to visit this photographer in Pinehurst today! Actually, this was the outfit his big brother wore at his sitting-up session, too (see the image below). And tree slice he is sitting on? He snuggled up on it in his newborn session. The wood 1/2 was made by their dad and used in both sitting-up sessions, too! Incorporating special items into sessions is what makes the portraits meaningful to each family. After all, these are YOUR portraits! It is my job as a Pinehurst Child Photographer to capture them all.

This is my eighth session with this family (a maternity session, two newborn sessions, two Valentine sessions, a one year old session and a sitting-up session). How amazing is it to get to work time and time again with a family.  Getting to know them is such a pleasure. I knew from past sessions that big brother need some time (and some possible Auntie Anne’s fruit snacks) to cooperate.  After all, he’s two! This Pinehurst child photographer worked it and actually got some sweet smiles. They were quick and I had to work fast!  Mom was an awesome help, too.

What are some things to bring or incorporate in a sitting-up session? A prop or item from the newborn session – in this case, we used the tree “stump”. Something meaningful to the baby or your family – the fox outfit and the wood 1/2. A book the baby loves to read – The Hungry Caterpillar is an all time fav! And a big brother to give lots of  kisses and hugs to. I always try to do some sibling images and even family sessions at these sitting-up sessions.  It’s the perfect time to do so!

Can you guess what the tree “stump” might be used for in his one year session? It’s round and the perfect size to use as a cake stand for his smash cake! The three tree images will make a gorgeous collection to have made into canvases or framed for a wall. Can’t wait to capture it!

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